Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Week 6--Seven Days of Roses

This is going to be my Rose week.  I am in love with makeup that bears the name of Rose or, even better, has a rose imprint or design.  Here is a pic of some of my rose-inspired makeup to get you in the mood.

To get back on the subject of blushes, I found that when describing rose colored blush, the word rose is used to describe many colors including pinks, fuchsias, reds, even going into the brown family.  The color rose usually refers to a shade between pink and red, but really, roses come in all colors.  For this week, I'm going to limit my blushes to ones that bear the name of Rose.  I'm sure that I could do a whole week on Chanel Roses, but I'm limiting myself to just 2 Chanel JCs.  So here are the rose blushes for Week 6:

For blushes that bear the name Rose, I've already done a few,  Chanel's Orchid Rose and Dior's Rose Diamond and Antique Rose.  This is what I'm covering this week:

1--Chanel Rose Petale
2--BB Desert Rose
3--LM Rose Petal
4--Stila Rose
5--Shu M Rose 19
6--Chanel Tea Rose

7--LM Rose Bloom

and the swatches for the week:

I hope you enjoy this week of rose colored blush.  I know I'm looking forward to it!  Cheers!

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