Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 4, Day 3. Shimmery Blush--Nars Orgasm

Nars Orgasm, just saying the name to my mom would make me blush.  Orgasm is meant to duplicate the natural glow that a women gets after, um, er, uh, you know, sex.
 Now that that is out of the way, I want to apologize for the ugliness of my Orgasm.  I know it isn't all pristine and attractive like some of my blushes, but in my opinion all blushes are beautiful, even ones showing an obscene amount of pan.  I received this as an extra in a swap , so I can't take credit for all the pan that's showing. 

So, here it is, eek!  What color is Nars Orgasm exactly.  I've heard it called peachy, pinky, peachy-pink, and pure shimmer with no color payoff at all.  In my opinion (keep in mind my pale, cool-toned skin) it is pinky-peach with a hint of coral and golden shimmer.

Obviously it would look different on each individual's skin. It is a little hard and gritty in texture compared to some of my other blushes (like R&R and Chantecaille), but it does give a nice glow.  It's a generous size, but the rubber packaging isn't my favorite.  As far as the level of shimmer, I would give it about a 8.5 on the shimmer scale, where 0 is matte, 5 is glowy, and 10 is glittertastic.  The shimmer is fine and not clunky, but not as fine as the Dior Shimmer Star from yesterday. 

If you like the color, I hope you can have your own Orgasm soon!  Tomorrow will be a lovely pinky raspberry blush--Lancome Shimmer Pink Pool.  =)

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