Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 4--Seven Days of Shimmery Blush

Wow!  I can't believe this is already my fourth week, time sure flies when you're playing with blush!  This week's theme is Shimmery Blush.  In my opinion, there is a scale of shimmery which runs from subtle or glowy all the way up to glittery.  Because I am a (semi) mature woman and not a teen-age cheerleader, most of the blushes that I own are from glowy to the middle range of shimmery.  I don't have too many glitter bombs.  Of the ones I picked for the week most probably double as highlighters and some will only be highlighters on certain skin tones.  At the very least, these blushes do not require the addition of highlighter, unless roadside reflection is required.  Here's the group picture for the week--aren't they pretty!

The blushes for the week are:
1. Duwop Watermelon Blushbooster
2. Dior Shimmer Powder 01--Rose Diamond
3. NARS Orgasm
4. Lancome Shimmer Pink Pool
5. Duwop Mango Blushbooster
6. Chanel Winter Shimmer JC
7. NARS Super Orgasm

And here's the swatches

As you can see, I tried to pick a range of colors and amount of shimmer.  I know I missed a few blushes that I no longer own like Nars Oasis and Sin.  I also didn't include Nars Angelika this week, because it was discussed in Week 1--Seven Days of Bright Pink Blush. Tomorrow will begin with one of the more subtle choices, Duwop Watermelon Blushbooster.  A gorgeous pink illuminating blush--I don't know why it looks so peachy in my swatch.

See you tomorrow to begin Seven Days of Shimmery Blush!

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  1. number 3 and 6 are so gorgeous. huge fan of nars orgam blush. we just started our blog follow us too!