Thursday, August 12, 2010

We interrupt the Blush for some.........Vacation Pictures! Yay!

So, I was on vacation last week.  Hubby and I took the dog to the Northern California coast for some relaxation.  It was beautiful, but really, I just want to show off my adorable dog.  Enjoy!
We saw wildlife...

Pretty Scenery....

Oscar liked watching the deer...

sitting on the beach...

laying in the meadow...

playing fetch in the ocean...

ok, he REALLY liked playing fetch in the ocean...

Thanks for looking!  Love, Oscar


  1. Oh Oscar! Tell your human that I'm gonna steal you so that you can come play with my fuzzy monsters.

    Lol@Look, a whale!

  2. So do you have any blushes that match Oscar?

  3. @Ray
    I bet Chanel JC Turbulent would look fabulous on him!

  4. looks like you went to northern california (I recognized the fog :P) Oscar is soo adorable!

  5. Beautiful pictures- I really love Oscar! I still miss my golden retriever Brittany- the best dog ever :)