Saturday, August 21, 2010

Week 5, Day 1. Chanel Blush--Mocha JC

It is Day One of Seven Days of Chanel Blush and I present my newest one--Mocha!  I must admit that this Joues Constraste blush looks rather brown and dull in the pan.  Actually, exactly the chocolatey color I would think of as mocha.  However, when applied to the cheeks, it is not dull at all!

Even though it looks a bit blah and brown in the pan, it is a beautiful slightly shimmery plummy brown.  It buffs out to a very soft plum color that is very wearable, even for the ultra pale.  It has a tiny bit of shimmer, but it really just shows up as a gorgeous glow.  This is a US version, so not baked like the Euro ones, and the powder is very fine and silky smooth to apply. 

Each day this week, I'll talk about one of the qualities of JC's that make them special.  Today, I'll start off with something simple, the smell.  There is a subtle distinctive rose smell when I open my JC's.  So in addition to seeing the glowy loveliness inside, I enjoy a subtle day-brightening whiff of rose!  The smell varies in intensity in all my blushes, but always fades when applied to my face.  I can never discern any scent at all except when I first open the compact.

Tomorrow, is one of the Chanel Fall 2010 blushes, Pink Explosion and I'll try to explain the differences between the baked and non-baked versions.  Do you have any ideas for future weeks?  If so, let me know what you'd like to see!  =)

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  1. This week is going to torture for me!
    Mocha really appeals to me, it looks like it'd be a really sophisticated shade.
    But I can't decide what I'd rather have, In Love, Reflex or Mocha. Decisions, decisions.