Friday, August 27, 2010

Week 5, Day 7. Chanel Blush--Tempting Beige JC

Awww, I'm sad that today is my last day of talking about Chanel blushes.  But, look at all the pretty sparkly bits in today's blush--Tempting Beige!!  Yay!  This is one of my favorite blushes to look at in the pan.  It is a creamy milk chocolate brown with specks of shimmer--what's not to like?

This really is a lovely color.  On my skin, it is a very wearable nude--a warm toasted rosy-brown color.  Very pretty, but probably more suited for warmer and darker skinned ladies.  The shimmery bits barely show up on the skin, unless you use a ton of it.  But, please don't use a ton, Tempting Beige is one of the more pigmented JCs that I have.

Besides being VERY pigmented, the texture is so nice and beautiful.  The powder is lightly rose scented, and very soft and silky since it is the US version.  Here's one last look at this weeks Chanel lineup.

I hope you've enjoyed the week of Chanel JC blushes, it was fun for me because they are among my very faves.  I love the special glow they give and the subtle rose scent.  Next week, I'll be moving from the Rose scent of Chanel to Rose blushes.  It'll be Seven Days of Rose Blush. =)

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