Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 3, Day 6. Peach Blush--Shu Uemura M Peach 44

Another Shu blush today.  Yay!  Really, did I mention how nice Shu Uemura blushes are?  They are really something special.  These are some of the best quality blushes I have/use and are very reasonably priced (relatively speaking, of course!).  They are smooth, decently pigmented, long lasting, silky soft, and they go on evenly to be the perfect blush for everyone.

Today's blush is Shu M Peach 44, which is a matte blush that goes on the lightest of all the week's offerings.  It is a matte yellowish/brown peach shade that is pretty subtle.  I think it has the least pink and red.  It should work great for warmer toned-skin.  The smooth way it glides onto skin would be lovely for a natural look.

Tomorrow, the last day of the seven days of Peach, will be Chantecaille Wind.  It's a pretty one and it's Chantecaille.  Yay!

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