Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 3, Day 3. Peach Blush--Chanel Reflex Joues Contraste

When I first received Reflex many months ago, I looked at it and then closed the lid and stuck it in the bottom drawer, thinking I would never use it.  Over the months, it got uglier and uglier in my head.  When I pulled it out for this week, I looked at it in a new way, it was a beautiful peach with lovely gold shimmer.  Why didn't I notice that before?? 

It has the signature Chanel Rose scent, and is one of the more shimmery Joues Contraste blushes.  It is a lovely rosy peach and the gold just adds a lovely glow.  To me, the glow that these Chanel blushes is what really makes them unique.  My only wish is some different colors, it seems like Chanel  is hesitant to venture far from the Rose family.  As you can see, Reflex (#3 in the picture below) is pretty well pigmented (especially as it is one of the Euro formula) and is more rosy than the Shu (#1) and darker than the Chantecaille (#2)

It's a gorgeous peach that would work on any skin, but probably especially well on medium-dark warm skin.  I would think it would give the nicest peachy glow.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

I'm loving the peaches, I hope you are too!  Tomorrow we go to the pinky-peach of the week--Laura Mercier Orange Blossom. 

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  1. You know I'm pining for this color, to wave it in front me hurts! :D But really, what a lovely JC!