Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week 3, Day 5. Peach Blush--Cargo Blu_Ray Peach

Cargo Blu_Ray Blush in the Peach color is the peach blush that I wear the most.  It's subtle and very easy to wear.  I love Cargo's blushes, both the ones in the tin and the 2 square Blu-Ray version compacts. This is a beautiful, true neutral peach blush.  It is very finely milled with a touch of shimmer.

I really don't notice the shimmer when I use it, it's just enough to add a bit of a glow, but there are definite little sparkles if you look at it really, really close!  It is adequately pigmented, so it is easy to use--you don't have to worry about it going on too strong. 

It's #5 in the group shot and the swatch shot.  It's the middle of the range, not too pink, too brown, or too orange.  It's very smooth and blendable.  I think the Cargo Blu_Ray peach is a great basic that everyone needs in their collection.

For another gorgeous peach, come back tomorrow and see the beauty that is Shu Uemura M Peach 44.  Let me know what your favorite peach blush is!

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