Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 5, Day 4. Chanel Blush--Petilant JC

Today's blush is an old JC.  I'm not sure how old, but it is a beauty.  For Day 4 of Chanel Blush week, I present Petilant (which means sparkling in French).  It might be old, but it still has the delicate scent of roses and gives off a good amount of color. 

This version is baked, so the texture is harder than the US versions.  But the powder that comes off is very fine and pigmented.  I see a tiny amount of shimmer in the pan, but on the skin, it has the slight glow that JCs are known for.

The color is a little hard to describe, I would call it a warmish raspberry pink.  It is a lovely color and goes on very smoothly and evenly.  A sweet friend at MUA has been wanting this one forever, but it's so pretty that I can't quite part with it yet.  Maybe this up-close view will make her change her mind and kill the desire for it.  It's #4 in the picture below.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this old JC!  Tomorrow, day 5 of Chanel JCs, is Orchid Rose.  Let me know what your favorite blushes are and what you'd like to see here!  TTYL!

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  1. Oh Petulant. Another white whale of mine. I love this color. It reminds me of Pout Cherie Tarte blush.