Monday, July 11, 2011

A Brief Chanel Interlude

It seems like there has been a flurry of Joues Contraste blush releases by Chanel in the last few weeks and since I now have all of them in my hot little hands, I thought I would do some pictures and swatches.  
First up is the Nordstrom Anniversary exclusive, which was an Asia exclusive this spring--Rose Tourbillon.  

I did swatches on different days, so they look a little different.  I compared it to some blushes that seemed like they might be close.  The closest is Pink Explosion, IMO.

The next blush is from Fall 2011 and is Rose Ecrin JC.  When I first saw it, I thought it would be similar to Rose Dust, but it seems more like a mixture of Rose Petale and Orchid Rose.  

Here is a comparison of swatches to other JCs

The last pair of blushes is from Chanel's special Byzance collection.  I bought them from the Chanel website.  These JC's are Or (which means gold in french) and Rouge (red).  The gold makes for a pretty highlight and is similar to Gold Fever from a few years back. 

When applied, Rouge is more berry-ish than it looks in the pan and when sheered out is a nice reddish pink. 

Finally, here is a comparison picture of all the new JCs

Thanks for reading, I hope these were helpful! I'll be back to swatching through my collection in a few days with Burberry blushes.  =)