Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week 6, Day 1. Rose Blush--Chanel Rose Petale JC

\To kick off the week of Rose blushes, I chose Chanel Rose Petale Joues Contraste.  When someone asks for a rose blush, it's always the first one that comes to my mind, even though looking at even just these roses, it isn't really the rosiest blush I have. 

I find that a lot of things labeled "Rose" turn a little warm on me, usually lipsticks, but blushes do too. Rose Petale is no exception.  This pretty JC looks like a warm rose in the pan and turns a peachy rose color on my skin.  It is a lovely color, but not the pinky-rose I prefer.  I think it is more of that pinky-rose color on warmer skin tones.

as you can see it, is one of the warmer roses of the week.  The texture is very nice.  I have the US version, so it is powdery and smooth.  Like all JCs, there is a very faint rose scent.  This is a very easy to wear color for most people and very little shimmer.  It just gives me a very soft glow.

Tomorrow, is BB Desert Rose--a completely different kind of rose!  What is your favorite Rose Blush?  Let me know what else you'd like to see!  TTYL!

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