Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 4, Day 1. Shimmery Blush--Duwop Watermelon Blushbooster

To start off Shimmery Blush week, I picked an Illuminating Blush, as Duwop calls their Blushboosters.  These come in 4 colors (I'll be talking about Mango later in the week).  This beauty is the Watermelon shade of Blushbooster.  It's a glowy highlighter/blush in one.  It is a very pretty peachy pink which makes for gorgeous glowy cheeks.

The swatch looks much peachier on my skin than it is in real life.  It is really a pretty soft pink with slightly more than a hint of peach.  There is no scent and these are quite smooth--not gritty at all.  There is no visible glitter chunks, just a slightly metallic sheen.  They're also not super pigmented, nor are they intended to be.  But, they have a lot more color than a highlighter would. 

On the shimmer scale, where 0 is matte, 5 is glowy, and 10 is glitterbomb, I would give Duwop's Watermelon Blushbooster a 7.  It's wearable for almost everyone.  I don't own any other Duwop makeup, but these glowy blushes are really wonderful.  They cost $22 and are available at Sephora or the Duwop website.

Tomorrow is Dior Rose Diamond Shimmer Star.  One of the prettier blush/highlighters I have. What's your favorite shimmery blush?

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  1. I just found your blog and I love it. Blush is my favorite beauty product by far. <3