Thursday, August 26, 2010

Week 5, Day 6. Chanel Blush--Caprice JC

Chanel Week is starting to wind down and for day 6, I have an older Joues Contraste blush, Caprice.  In the pan, Caprice is a cool rosy pink, but it's one of those blushes that looks different on the skin and can vary from person to person.

Sometimes, I check out reviews and see if the color I see is how others describe it as well. Well, the reviews are all over the board on how to describe this color.  Some described it as cool, pale pink and others as pure peach, and others said it doesn't show up at all.  So, I think this is one of those blushes that looks different on each person and I'll do my best to describe how it looks on me.

In the pan, it is a cool dusty rose color, but on my cool, very pale skin, Caprice looks warm peachy-rose with some brown.  I can see a few sparkles in the pan, but nothing really noticeable that shows up on the cheeks, except for a nice gentle glow.  The Caprice JC is fairly well pigmented and the powder is nice and smooth.  It still has a slight rose scent.  Overall, I like it quite a bit, but it isn't nearly as cool and pink as my favorite blushes are.

What color does Caprice look on you?  Tomorrow, I finish the week of Chanel JCs with Tempting Beige, yay! 

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