Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 3--Seven Days of Peach Blush

This week is peach.  I'll be honest, the color confuses me, is it a pale orange or what?  So according to my good friend Wikipedia, "Peach is a color that combines pink and orange colors."  I guess that helps a little.  As makeup (and blush) lovers, we all know that a beautiful peach blush is one of the basics of every blush wardrobe.  Keeping the definition in mind, This week I've tried to select a range of 7 peaches from light to dark, both matte and shimmery.  Some lean more pink, more orange, and more brown.  Hopefully they still fall in the range peach.

 Here's the picture of this week's lucky blushes:

And they are:

1. Shu P Peach 47
2.  Chantecaille Delight
3.  Chanel Reflex
4.  Laura Mercier Orange Blossom
5.  Cargo Blu_Ray Peach
6.  Shu M Peach 44
7. Chantecaille Wind

Here's the swatches

The Seven Days of Peach begins today with Shu P Peach 47.  Yay!  Tell me what your favorite peach is!


  1. The LM one looks fabulous (well, they're all pretty of course)!
    By the way, I gave you an award on my blog, check it out ;-)