Monday, August 16, 2010

Week 4, Day 6. Shimmery Blush--Chanel Winter Shimmer JC

Chanel Winter Shimmer Joues Contraste has to be the most beautiful blush in the pan of all my blushes.  I'm a huge (HUGE!) sucker for really pale pink and adding shimmer, makes it irresistible to me.  This was a limited edition and I believe that it was a part of the holiday collection in 2006. 

This one is really more of a highlight unless your skin is paper white.  I can use this alone  because I have naturally rosy cheeks and it just adds a nice glow.  It also looks beautiful over any other pink or rosy blush.  The shimmer is very fine, not chunky glitter at all.

It has the signature rose scent of all the Chanel blushes.  Despite it's name, it isn't overly shimmery, only a 7 on the shimmer scale, where 0 is matte, 5 is glowy, and 10 is a glitter explosion.  The powder is silky smooth, not the least bit gritty. 

Winter Shimmer is a lovely ultra-pale pink highlighter--I hope you use it if you have it!  Tomorrow is the conclusion of Shimmery Blush week and we're going out with a bang--Nars Super Orgasm!

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  1. I hate you! Just kidding! Just so you know. Winter Shimmer is my great white whale! Love the post!!!