Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 2--Seven Days of Discontinued and Limited Edition Blushes

Do you hate seeing a product that you love and finding out it was discontinued long ago or was a limited edition?  I try to make it an adventure to try to locate that must-have item.  If you find it frustrating to do that, you may think it's a little mean of me to do a week of DC'd and LE blushes to show you things you might want.  I'm sorry!  But, I hope you can enjoy looking at the pictures, remembering what goodies you have in your stash and perhaps hunting for the ones you need to add to your collection.

I finished up last week with my favorite DC'd blush of all time, Chanel Turbulent.  However, I have 7 more gorgeous blushes to share with you this week.  I've only been collecting blush for a couple years, so there are so many that I'm missing.  I tried to select a variety of blush for the week, including some of my very favorite blushes.  Fist, the Group Shot:

Here's the list of beauties that I'll focus on this week:
1. Giorgio Armani #12
2. Chanel Narcisse Joues Contraste
3. Pout Apricot Totty
4. Chanel Nude JC
5. Dior Dentelle Vintage Pink
6.Chanel Evening Red JC
7. Shu P Purple 05b

And the swatches:

As you can see, there is a bit of variety in these blushes.  This group includes some of my all-time favorite blushes like Apricot Totty and Narcisse.  I hope to inspire you to dig out some of your older, neglected blushes to use and enjoy.  Have a great week!

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