Thursday, March 31, 2011

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder--Odette

Today's PSP from Becca is Odette.  It's more of a gold highlighter and I think this would be lovely on medium-dark warm skintones.  Unfortunately, I don't really think it does much for my ultra-pale cool skin.  When it is heavily applied, it's a brassy-gold color, as in the picture below.

But when applied with a lighter hand, it is a lovely shimmery gold as seen below.

This is fairly shimmery, but the powder is still smooth and the shimmer is not chunky glitter.  
Here's how it looks in the pan

and here are the rest of the PSPs for comparison.  Next, I'll discuss the last of these lovely highlighters, Princess.  Then we'll move on to Bobbi Brown blushes.

Thanks for sticking with me--I'll try to keep on top of things here at Blush Headquarters! =)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder--Nymph

Today's offering--Nymph PSP from Becca is a gorgeous highlighter that is pretty basic and universal.  It is just a smooth light cream/champagne shimmery powder that lends an ethereal glow to the cheekbones.  Here is how it looks in the pan, not that exciting, but scroll down for heavy and light application to see how luminous it is.

here it is lightly applied (or sheered out)

and here it is heavily swatched:

My best tip for where to apply shimmer powder is to find a picture where someone looks youthful and naturally glowy and apply it with a fan brush in the same places where she glows--usually the top of the cheekbones and a little bit about the eyebrows.
Here are the rest of the Becca Pressed Shimmer Powders, I'll be finishing them up this week and over the weekend!  Thanks for your patience!

The thing that I love most about these PSPs is the texture.  They are so lovely and smooth and not a hint of dry chunkiness about them.  Odette is up next--quite a bit different from Nymph!  TTYL!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder Nefertiti

Today's post is another of the wonderful shimmer powders from Becca.  Nefertiti is the fifth in my collection and is a beautiful shimmering golden peach.  It is in this picture on the bottom-left.

When I first saw Nefertiti, I thought there was no way my pasty-pink self could wear it, but after playing with it, it is really gorgeous on.  Here's a close up of it.

And here is how it looks on.  In the first picture is it heavily swatched (it's on the left) and in the second picture, it is buffed out.

Isn't it beautiful?  I really love these Becca PSPs.  They have a silky smoothness that is very hard to find and the shimmer is subtle (if used correctly) and never chunky or glittery.  If you have a chance to try one--do it!  You won't regret it.  Next will be Nymph!

I'm so sorry I haven't been posting more.  I've been too busy acquiring new blushes when I should be photographing and swatching them!  Here's a picture of my sidekick-Oscar.  How can you stay mad at a face like that?
I hope to be back in a day or two!  Have a great one!