Monday, September 26, 2011

Cargo Blush--Gotham

If you were looking at Cargo Gotham in the pan, you would probably just pass it by.  However, the brush applies so much better than the coolish rose it appears to be.  Even the swatch seems fairly unimpressive, but when the color is buffed into the skin, there is a lovely silvery-blue sheen that appears over the rosy pink base color.  It is a lovely effect and unique.  Here it is:

Sadly, Gotham has been discontinued and is rather hard to find.  It does show up now and then on ebay or on blog sales.  Here's how it compares to the rest of my Cargo:

And the swatch is below, it's the 5th from the left.

The texture is wonderful--I know I keep saying it, but Cargo really makes lovely blush.  Let me know what your favorite color is.  Thanks! 


  1. Louisiana is by far my fav! At first swatch its a bit garish and frosty but buffed into the skin its AMAZING. :D