Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Burberry Natural Blush-05-Blossom

The last four days, I've talked about how lovely these Burberry blushes are.  And this one is no different.  It has the same creamy smooth texture as the others.  Blossom, which is the last of the original five blushes, is gorgeous and very pigmented.  It's a peachy pink color, almost a pastel coral color.  Here is it in the pan:

Isn't it nice?  And here is a swatch--it's the 4th from the right:

The color goes on strong and buffs out to a warmish pink color.  I think this is pigmented enough to show on any skin, but check it out a counter to be sure.  It might be a tad warm for the cooler toned ladies, but should suit most.  Here's the group shot again:

It is available at some Nordstrom stores and  Burberry Beauty has just become available at this week.   Tomorrow's blush is Tangerine.  Thanks for reading!

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