Saturday, September 24, 2011

Cargo Blush--Echo Beach

Echo Beach is a part of Cargo's Beach Blush collection.  These are named after different beaches and have a striped design.  I use the ones I have as a type of bronzer/blush combo.  I believe these are discontinued, but can still be found at some retailers (I saw it online at  The retail price is $28.  Here is what Echo Beach looks like:

It's a rosy bronze color, so it works well as a blush or bronzer for medium skin without being orange.  Here are the swatches--Echo Beach is the third from the left.

To get the swatches, I just swirled all the colors together.  If you want more or less of one color, you can just add or avoid that stripe.  It doesn't seem to be as pigmented as the regular blushes and I think that helps it work better as a bronzer.  Here are the rest of my Cargo Blushes:

I don't see much shimmer in this and the texture is just as nice and smooth as the others from Cargo.  Thanks for your time--Gold Coast is up tomorrow! =)

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