Friday, September 9, 2011

Burberry Natural Blush--02-Cameo

Today's lovely blush is #02 from Burberry--Cameo.  It has the same silky smooth texture as the other Burberry blushes.  The only way I can describe it is the powder is so finely milled that it feels creamy and almost melts onto the skin.  It's my favorite texture!  The color of Cameo is a coolish nude-rose.  Here is how it looks in the pan:

This color is really lovely and natural looking on my fair cool skin.  It is a perfect blush for everyday.  Here is a swatch--it's second from the left:

The swatch is quite heavy--the powder sheers out nicely.  Here are the rest of the colors in the collection:

Cameo has the same scent as the others--a subtle violet smell, but it fades quickly when worn.  There's no visible shimmer in any of these, but they're not totally matte on.  They have a sweet glow about them.  Tomorrow is the vibrant Rose color!  Thanks for reading!

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