Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Burberry Natural Blush-04-Peony

Burberry Peony was the last of these blushes that I purchased.  The swatch on Nordstrom.com was so bad, I was scared of what I'd get.  I literally shrieked when I opened the box and saw this beauty.  It is the softest, most beautiful pink I've seen.  Here is how it looked:

It's lovely, right?  It is quite similar to Chanel Narcisse.  But, I  love it even more.  Seriously, the texture is gorgeous and the color is perfect for my fair skin.  This is a pretty neutral pink, there is a tiny hint of peach in there too. Here's a swatch--it's 4th from the left.

I haven't really talked about the packaging yet, have I.  I like it--it seems substantial and not cheap.  It's either metal or a metalicized plastic case with a large mirror inside.  The gunmetal outside has an embossed Burberry plaid design that matches the surface of the blush.  Peony is in the upper right of this group shot:

If you get a chance to try these in person, give them a shot.  The texture is pure luxury.  Thanks for reading--next up is Blossom. <3

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