Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 1, Day 3. Bright Pink Blush--Chantecaille Ecstasy

Although the picture looks more berry, I'd still call this blush bright pink. This little beauty is Chantecaille Ecstasy and is the reddest of my bright pink blushes this week. Another matte blush, Ecstasy has the excellent quality that I'm used to from Chantecaille. It is wonderfully smooth with medium pigmentation, which helps to avoid clown-cheeks.

Chantecaille makes lovely, easy to wear blushes.  They don't make crazy colors, only more natural looking shades.  This is one of Chantecaille's more bold colors and would probably look good on a variety of women.  It seems pretty neutral, leaning neither yellow or blue, just a pretty pinkish red. As you can see from the swatches, Ecstasy (#3) is much more red than any of the other colors this week.

Do you think you could pull it off?  I'm a firm believer that anyone can pull off anything with the right application and blending.  I look forward to talking tomorrow about another gorgeous bright pink blush--Bobbi Brown Pale Pink.


  1. I love the look of this blush. I am very pale but I think I could pull it off if I used a skunk brush perhaps.

  2. Elvira--You could pull it off for sure! I'm very pale as well and I just have to be careful.

  3. Oh, this is lovely! I really do like the reddish color!

  4. This is so, so pretty. I have a feeling it will be joining my blush babies quite soon. :)