Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 2, Day 5. DC'd and LE Blush--Dior Dentelle, Vintage Pink

This gorgeous Limited Edition blush duo was part of the Dior Spring 2010 collection.  I'm such a sucker for blushes with imprinted designs on them and this is one that I had to track down.  It sold out quickly in stores, so I had to hunt this beauty down on Ebay.  This Vintage Pink blush features two colors, a rose and a soft pink, with a lace design imprinted on both ends along with the large Dior name. 

The texture is pretty hard, it was actually difficult to swatch.  When blended together, it is a light rose color.  Pretty, but not super unique and along with the texture, not something I would buy to use.  It does look pretty on the cheeks, though.  Since I'm more of a collector than a user, I'm ok with that, but I understand that it would annoy some.  Here's a link for the Swatches this week where you can see what vintage pink looks like on.  Below is the group shot of this week's DC'd and LE blushes.  Tomorrow is #6, Chanel Evening Red, a beautiful, old JC. 


  1. Thats such a beautiful, delicate print on the front, I wonder how you could bare touching it and ruining it! :O

  2. LOL! It was hard! I tried to just go in between the prettiest bits.

  3. This blog is so awesome! Your background also made me laugh because it's PERFECT for you blush blog! I love it! :D