Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 1, Day 4. Bright Pink Blush--Bobbi Brown Pale Pink

Today's blush, for day 4 of Bright Pink Blush Week is Bobbi Brown Pale Pink.  Wait, What?  Why is it called Pale Pink, when clearly it is one of the brightest pink blushes (at least, in the pan) that I own.  But for those of you who are a little timid when it comes to vivid blushes, this is a bright pink that you can wear.  It is matte, and more sheer than the ultra pigmented R&R blushes and when applied, just gives a soft Pale Pink flush, hence the name.

As you can see it is vivid in the pan, but looks like a lovely pale pink on. I had to swatch BB Pale Pink (#4) more heavily than the others to get it to show.  It is definitely a wearable, pale pink blush.  It is also falls between Nars Angelika (#2) and Rock & Republic Kinky (#1) in the coolness range.  Angelika is a bit warmer and Kinky is cooler than Pale Pink.

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink is one of the prettiest pinks I've seen.  Because it isn't as strong as some of the other blushes this week, it should work for a majority of skin tones. Let me know why your favorite bright pink blushes are and I'll be back tomorrow with Nars Desire.  Yay for Blush!!

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