Monday, September 6, 2010

Week 6, Day 6. Rose Blush--Chanel Tea Rose JC

First off, today's rose blush isn't so rosy.  Day 6 brings us another Chanel Joues Contraste blush--Tea Rose.  This is a Euro version, which means it is baked instead of the soft powder of the US version (except now Chanel is changing all the blushes to the baked style). 

See?  You can tell the blush is baked because of the variation in color along the surface of the blush, usually it's lines in a swirl pattern.  Baked Blushes are harder in texture, less powdery, and it is more difficult to pick up the color.

Chanel's Tea Rose is beautiful sheer rosy-peach, more peach than rose, but not really warm.  It is definitely a great peach for the cool-toned ladies.  It's a beautiful subtle color that looks very natural.  It's the palest of the week and rivals LM Rose Petal as the peachiest.  I don't see any shimmery bits, but it does impart a pretty glow.

Tomorrow we finish up the week of roses with Laura Mercier Rose Bloom.  Let me know what your favorite rose is?  What else would you like to see here?  Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!!

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  1. this blog is only feeding my blush obsession!!!! i need this chanel blush!! so gorgeous!