Friday, September 3, 2010

Week 6, Day 3. Rose Blush--Laura Mercier Rose Petal

For day three of rose week, I chose a blush from one of my favorite brands, Laura Mercier.  This is one of the newer Second Skin Cheek Colors that can pop out of the individual palettes to be placed into a larger 6-pan palette.  This is LM Rose Petal--in the pan it looks just like the color in my head when I think of rose blush.  Very pretty!

It is really interesting, because on the skin it transforms from rose to more of a peachy color.  In fact, I'd call the color Peach, with a hint of rose.  I love Laura Mercier blushes, they're fine powders, but not super soft like the US JCs.  And they have just enough pigment to show up, but not look overdone.  I also find the colors to be very wearable. 

As you can see in the swatches, it's peachier, but not as red as Chanel Rose Petale JC and it really doesn't compare at all to Bobbi Brown Desert Rose--they are at different ends of the rose spectrum.

Tomorrow's blush, from Stila is more in keeping of what I would consider rose.  I'm loving all the blushes this week, I hope you are too! 

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