Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week 6, Day 4. Rose Blush--Stila Rose

I hardly every talk about Stila blushes, is this my first?  I really love them, but I have a tendency to forget about them.  In my effort to improve on that, today's blush is Stila Rose.  In the pan, it looks pretty much exactly what I imagine a Rose blush should look like.

On the skin, it's still rosy, but more of a brownish-rose with a touch of warmth to it.  It's a beautiful natural color that works great for the workplace or as an everyday blush.  There is a teensy bit of shimmer, but it isn't obvious at all and just lends a bit of a glow.

It has nice pigmentation and the powder is pretty smooth.  Stila Rose applies evenly and looks gorgeous and very natural.  If you collect blushes, like me, you'll appreciate the palette system for storing the blushes.  It's great to organize color families and they pop out into the little compacts for carrying in a purse or for travel.

Tomorrow, is Shu M Rose 19 a pretty pinky rose color and it might be my favorite of the week!  Let me know what themes you'd like to see here in the future.  Have a great weekend, Everyone!

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