Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 6, Day 2. Rose Blush--Bobbi Brown Desert Rose

Bobbi Brown Desert Rose takes this weeks theme of roses in another direction.  Instead of a reddish-pink, Desert Rose is a mauve-brown pink color.  It looks very cool in the pan, but there is some warmth that comes through, making it more neutral.

The first thing I noticed with I swatched it was how smooth the powder was.  It's very finely milled and nicely pigmented.  Desert Rose glides onto the skin like a dream, it's really lovely! The color on my very pale/cool skin is a brownish mauve and when it is blended in it looks like a very natural nude color. 

It's also totally matte, which makes it perfect for work, or when you just need a simpler cheek color.  I love the Bobbi Brown palette system, it makes it easy to pick a blush for the day and even pop one out to carry in my purse for touch ups or take on vacation.

Tomorrow's rose blush is from Laura Mercier--Rose Petal, totally different from the first two roses.  It's fun to see how different companies interpret the color rose.


  1. Very pretty! You know what, I have no idea how to pop BB pans out. Fail.

  2. haha, you're so cute! It's a fairly new feature. The square ones just pop out from the bottom when you push on it! It's easy!