Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bobbi Brown Powder Blush--Pale Pink

Pale Pink is my favorite of all the Bobbi Brown blushes.  Why?  Because I like pink!  =)
Seriously, if you look at my blush collection, it is pretty obvious that I'm partial to pink blush.  I've never counted, but I'm sure they outnumber all other shades by a fair bit.
Anyway, Bobbi Brown's Pale Pink powder blush was one of my first blogs, in the Seven Days of Bright Pink Blush, if you care to read it again.  I'm sure my opinion hasn't changed much. 
The name Pale Pink for this blush is really amusing, because it isn't the least bit pale.  It's very bright and vivid. Here's a picture (it's on the upper left):

Pale Pink is a lovely face-brightening vivid pink.  It's cool-toned and has a matte finish.  The texture is very nice--smooth, silky, and pigmented.  It's easy to sheer out into a gorgeous (not so) pale pink color on the cheek.  It should work for most cool or neutral tone complexions.  You can see the swatch below, the 5th from the left.

Tomorrow is a much softer pink--Pink Sugar. Have a great day!

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