Friday, April 15, 2011

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Powder Blush--Pink Sugar

Pink Sugar Blush from Bobbi Brown is a lovely pale baby pink, with quite a bit of shimmer.  The color is very soft, not bubble gum pink.  It isn't peachy, but it isn't super-cool toned either. It leans more toward neutral (but still on the cooler side) and maybe with a touch of grey.  Here is how it looks in the pan (on the upper right of this pic)

and here is the swatch--Pink Sugar is the third from the right. 

It's a very soft pink with some shimmer.  The shimmer isn't over the top crazy, but it is noticeable. I find that the texture of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer blushes is not as soft as the regular matte blushes.  It feels a little coarser and grittier, but it is still a nice texture.  The shimmer in these is more of a sheen.  There is no chunky glitter--it's very fine.  If you're looking for a soft pink shimmery blush, then Pink Sugar is for you.  Next up is Poppy, about as different as you can get.  TTYL!

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