Friday, April 8, 2011

Bobbi Brown Blush--Apricot

Apricot blush from Bobbi Brown is a little different than many of the other Apricot blushes around, but the differences make me love it more.  When some people think of Apricot, they think more yellow/orange, but Bobbi Brown's version looks more like a lovely pinky-coral color to me.  It really is lovely on the face and helps brighten the complexion.  Here is a picture of the first batch of blushes:

Apricot is in the upper left of that picture and you can see how pretty it is.  In the swatches below, you can see how it compares to the other Bobbi Brown blushes that I have.
   Apricot is on the far left.

Bobbi Brown powder blushes are very richly pigmented and ultra smooth and silky going on.  The matte blushes (like Apricot) are very soft and not the least bit chalky or gritty.  I love the way they pop in and out of the new compacts so the palettes are easy to customize for my needs.  Tomorrow, is a shimmer blush, Bahama Brown.

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