Thursday, March 31, 2011

Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder--Odette

Today's PSP from Becca is Odette.  It's more of a gold highlighter and I think this would be lovely on medium-dark warm skintones.  Unfortunately, I don't really think it does much for my ultra-pale cool skin.  When it is heavily applied, it's a brassy-gold color, as in the picture below.

But when applied with a lighter hand, it is a lovely shimmery gold as seen below.

This is fairly shimmery, but the powder is still smooth and the shimmer is not chunky glitter.  
Here's how it looks in the pan

and here are the rest of the PSPs for comparison.  Next, I'll discuss the last of these lovely highlighters, Princess.  Then we'll move on to Bobbi Brown blushes.

Thanks for sticking with me--I'll try to keep on top of things here at Blush Headquarters! =)

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