Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cargo Blush--Sunset Beach

Cargo's Sunset Beach blush incorporates four different colors into one blush.  I love using this for an easy natural look.  The colors blend together to make a glowy wearable blush.  Sunset Beach is part of the Beachblush line from Cargo and each has four colors in a striped pattern.  Here's how it looks:

The colors are a peachy-nude, brown, pink, and champagne.  They all combine to become a shimmery nude shade.  There is some fine glitter in this one and for some reason it doesn't feel as smooth and soft as my other Cargo blushes. 

I do like that the color is somewhat "adjustable" in that I can pick up more or less of a color to personalize it for my coloring.  Here is the swatch--Sunset Beach is third from the right.

I hope you've enjoyed the Cargo blushes--I really like them and feel they don't get enough attention.  Tomorrow is one of my favorites--The Big Easy.  TTYL!


  1. I like 'Cargo Blush-Sunset Beach' very much. Especially the shades are awesome. Thanks a lot.

  2. All of the shades are really awesome. I like it.