Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Cargo Blush--Miami Beach

Miami Beach from Cargo is one of their striped Beachblushes.  I've used this more as a subtle blush/bronzer than straight up blush.  It has a bit of a shimmer and sheen about it, but not much real glitter.  The colors are in the rose, brown, and beige family.

One thing I like about these striped blushes is that I can pick how much of each color to use.  For example, if I want more of a beige highlighter, I just use the lightest color.  For the swatch below, I just swirled my finger around evenly over the surface of Miami Beach.

When I blend all the colors together, it becomes an almost peach-rose color with a pretty sheen to it.  This should work on everyone.  Cooler toned gals may want to skip the top color as it might warm it up a bit too much. 

Obviously how it looks will vary by how much of each of the four colors you get onto the brush.  Miami Beach has a lovely texture, just like the rest of the Cargo blushes I have.  Thanks for reading and tomorrow, will be another beachblush--Sunset Beach. TTYL

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